Arrest Me Again.

This video is an expression of grievances, unedited and uncut.

The Arizona State Legislature, the Governor and the People have willed that THEY have the freedom to choose whether or not to mask. It is crucial we enact this immediately, to mitigate the division in our society, protect those who cannot medically or psychologically tolerate a face covering, and most importantly, because we are Free People.

The tyrannical, overpaid, corrupt County Administrator, Chuck Huckleberry thinks he can override the People’s will and unilaterally force people against their will for another 90 days—and yet he and the Pima County Board of Supervisors have not yet addressed our valid grievances, nor rectified their improper, illegal and corrupt actions against Viva Coffee House and others.

Therefore, we recognize the authority of the People as expressed in our Founding Documents and the intent of the top levels of State government. It’s a moot point anyway because our County Resolution 2020-96 is null and void if a business can “easily maintain 6-foot spacing.”

However, we will not stand by and abide tyranny and the usurpation of people’s inalienable rights. We stand united with the People of our Community, including the majority of law enforcement officers in saying that we will NOT tolerate tyranny, corrupt administration and consent, by commission or omission, to use threats and harassment as a means of enforcement. We call upon our local law enforcement officers to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights and your obligation to protect innocent and free people from tyranny and oppression.

Pima County has clearly overstepped their bounds and engaged in despotic executive overreach. This is our position, a continued expression of our grievances; inside our shop we have a printed “Declaration of the People’s Natural Rights,” signed by a number of people, and which we encourage every Freedom-loving person to sign.

We enjoin Pima County representatives to sit down with us and talk, rectify this situation and stop mistreating the people you are supposed to be serving; then, we will consider your recommendations if you set a course to truly serve the People, as you are expected to do.

As such, the signers of this Declaration, which we will be delivering to you, have delegated to us administration of their just and righteous grievances, which you are obliged by Law to hear and rectify. We declare our independence from Pima County’s unjust governance, and their transgression of your obligations to the Social Contract under which we loan them the Power of the People—this authority belongs to us, not them, and if they abuse it, we have the obligation to reclaim it until such time as just administration is restored—we recognize the authority of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the State representatives of the People, insomuch as they uphold these, the highest Law of the Land.

We call for the immediate firing of Chuck Huckleberry and for the State Legislature to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the corruption and mismanagement in the matter of Viva Coffee House. Justice must be done. We are Americans; we do not tolerate tyranny.

Published by Kelly John Walker

Accomplished Creative Strategist and Senior Copywriter, father of five, devoted husband, apologist and naturalist.

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