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Awake at the Dawn of the Pandemic

Some knew the Truth from the beginning. They lied; we didn’t.

Kelly J. Walker, M.S.


Until October of 2020, I served as Senior Writer and Editor-in-Chief for a national healthcare education company. For a year and a half, I wrote peer-reviewed, well-researched articles for a respected Seattle-based national firm, directing each issue of their Apex-Award-winning publication in collaboration with the CEO, Marketing Director, Regulatory Counsel, and contract journalists—working with prominent physicians, including one of the nation’s top doctors, a colleague of Dr. Fauci who originally came to the U.S. as a Chinese exchange student. These articles informed thousands of healthcare professionals across the nation, so they had to precise and accurate.

The forecast model used to justify the devastating lockdowns was exposed as a science fraud. Yet governments assumed “emergency powers” anyway, and have used fear and censorship to hold world hostage for nearly two years.

      Thanks to a strong scientific background and real-time direct access to emerging Chinese data, I became aware early on that a campaign of mass deception had been launched upon an unsuspecting world. This chicanery morphed into oppressive measures in response to the March 16, 2020 Ferguson Imperial College forecast—which I recognized as absurdly hyperbolic, unscientific and incongruent with both the biology of the virus and the unbiased data. Indeed, this Gates Foundation-funded Covid forecast model used as a rationale to justify the devastating lockdowns was exposed as a scientific fraud. Fully aware of this, governments assumed “emergency powers” anyway; they have used fear and censorship to hold world hostage for nearly two years.

My job involved complex science and training with top physicians. Check out the date at the top of this screen shot: I was trained in the science behind mRNA vaccines in February of 2020! On the right are realtime comments by physicians to the webinars.

      According to the American Institute for Economic Research, “the worst outcomes in terms of Covid deaths per capita are almost entirely in countries that leaned heavily on lockdowns…They [Ferguson’s Imperial College London team] not only failed to accurately forecast the course of the pandemic in the US and UK—they also failed to anticipate Covid-19’s course in almost every country in the world, irrespective of the policy responses taken. Time and time again, the Ferguson team’s models dramatically overstated the death toll of the disease, posting the worst performance record of any major epidemiology model. After a year, some of the ICL predictions reached farcical territory. Their forecast of 179,000 deaths in Taiwan, which never locked down, was off by 1,798,000% (as of this writing, Taiwan has just 12 Covid-19 deaths). A similar story played out in other countries that eschewed the lockdown approach for the first year of the pandemic. Imperial overstated the predicted mortality of Sweden (392%), South Korea (17,461%), and Japan (11,670%).”

I witnessed the lies and coverups directly. Here is Dr. Leslie Fang explaining how Hydrochloriquine works and how important it is as a therapeutic. Weeks later, he completely reversed his position. Why? Because Trump had just endorsed HCQ.

I became increasingly concerned about the effects of the fraudulently justified, disproportionate regulatory response to a low-mortality virus on the mental health and wellbeing of children.

      As a father of five, and having worked with young people throughout my career, I became increasingly concerned about the effects of the fraudulently justified, disproportionate regulatory response to a low-mortality virus on the mental health and wellbeing of children. Recognizing that the threat of the virus itself paled in comparison to the collateral damage caused by global lockdowns, isolation, masking, and hysteria, I wrote several peer-reviewed articles in 2020, reporting on the downstream effects of these policies on children, including: “Pandemic Abuse,” “The Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences,” and “Preventing (and Mitigating) Adverse Childhood Experiences.” The fraudulently justified response to Covid-19 has led to record levels of mental illness, suicide, abuse, poverty and death from missed medical appointments, among a host of other “side effects” of executive overreach.

      Here’s an excerpt from my August, 2020 article, “Pandemic Abuse”:


Societies worldwide are also coming to grips with a multitude of other downstream impacts of the pandemic—increased poverty and economic hardship, increased mental health challenges, and deferred care on critical medical conditions.

      Recently, yet another negative spinoff effect of shutdowns and quarantines has been noted by researchers…Just a couple of months into the pandemic, researchers, medical professionals and public health officials began warning of a troubling rise in domestic violence and abuse, first in China, then in Europe, and eventually to all corners of the globe. The spike in incidents—which was tied to lockdown restrictions that left women and children isolated with abusive partners and parents—was so dramatic that the United Nations put out a statement calling on all governments to “put women’s safety first” in the pandemic response. As was noted in June by researchers writing in the British Dental Journal, the myriad disruptions caused by COVID-19 are all driving this spike in abuse. “Children are particularly at risk in the ‘pressure cooker’ of family life in isolation without the usual external oversight of teachers, general medical practitioners and others,” the researchers wrote. “There has been international recognition of the unintended negative consequences of the COVID-19 global pandemic management measures, including a spike in [domestic violence] along with psychological health risks, loneliness, school closure, economic vulnerability and job losses.”

      Children and women (sometimes men) locked down and quarantined in abusive environments have no one to identify the signs of domestic abuse, depriving them of the opportunity to receive the timely help they need.

Our children have been bought and sold, with the government investing $2.6 BILLION dollars in Arizona schools enforcing CDC guidelines.


      Our children have been bought and sold, with the government last year investing $2.6 BILLION dollars in Arizona schools enforcing CDC guidelines (the Vail, AZ School District alone was given $5.5 million). Why? Money cannot cure Covid. Because CDC is controlled by big Pharma, and big Pharma sees vaccinating our children as a lucrative return on investment. And who pays for all these unnecessary and potentially harmful “free” vaccinations in our schools? You do. This money has been the motivation behind school boards and administrators ignoring the pleas and protests of significant numbers of parents and students, even when stories of mental health crisis and suicide—linked to quarantines (isolation), compulsory masking, ostracism and public shaming—have been brought to the school board meetings, only to be met with stony-faced obstinacy rather than compassion. Big bucks are on the line, so shut up and do what we say! This is the raw truth that the districts have tried to cover up with deceitful PR campaigns and through appropriation of law enforcement—who should be protecting the People’s Constitutional rights—to arrest dissenting parents and even children. They have labeled parents “domestic terrorists” for standing up to the unlawful usurping of their parental rights under the Arizona Statute “Parental Bill of Rights,” and for resisting the human rights abuses forced upon our families.

      My commitment to the Scientific Method and ethical journalism eventually got me cancel-cultured out of my position in October of 2020 after 18 months of stellar job performance. The CEO positioned my termination as a pandemic layoff, but I was clearly a threat to the network of lies and censorship that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. wrote about in The Real Anthony Fauci. I was, in effect, physically censored.

      Many truth-tellers, including prominent physicians, have been censored, disciplined, and persecuted for exercising free speech and scientific honesty. Podcaster Joe Rogan is currently on the Left’s attack list, simply for hosting dissenting physicians.

      I have since been doing freelance work, and I created FreedomTalk, a nascent publication through which I’ve interviewed a number of people including Dr. Vladimir Zelenko and other medical professionals; I’ve held FreedomTalk events, like our “Behind the Mask” panel featuring a local ER doctor, a Phoenix nurse and my own research. I’ve brought Dinesh D’Souza, Ian Smith, and Lt. Colonel Matthew Lohmeier to Tucson to speak. It is critical we share uncensored content to wake people up to the reemergence of historical patterns we cannot allow to reach their terrible fulfillment.

      I have interviewed survivors of Hitler’s regime, Soviet gulags, Vietnamese totalitarianism, refugees from Venezuela, and families of Holocaust survivors; all have told me that the horrors they experienced began just like this, prior to all hell breaking loose. To take the wisdom of people with such immense credibility as anything less than a sober warning to us today would be foolish. Every one of them, in every country affected, heard, “It can’t happen here.” I assure you it can; please read my blog,

      I have never questioned the reality of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, nor its danger to selected demographics—mainly elderly people with multiple comorbidities. However, I have been an adamant critic of the pernicious policies forced upon populations either against their will or through the deceit of pseudoscientific fear mongering. Shutdowns, widespread masking, and “social distancing” were bad ideas from the beginning that originated in the classroom project of a Los Alamos researcher’s young daughter (her approach received widespread scientific rejection).

      No one should be compelled to accept an experimental substance into their body. Vaccinating children, for whom Covid presents less of  a threat than influenza, is criminal profit-motivated human experimentation. This along with coerced masking of children ought to be roundly condemned by every thinking person. 

      As a professional and an ethical human being, I have a moral obligation to speak out in defense of the vulnerable and misled. Only those with something to hide censor people with subject matter expertise. They are not preventing misinformation, they are suppressing your right to follow the evidence where it leads and choose the options with the greatest explanatory power. It is unacceptable for a free and rational society to allow the pharmaceutical industry to control and manipulate the flow of information to maximize their profitability and avoid liability. (Isn’t it odd that they have discredited every treatment except the vaccines? They even censored the well-established efficacy of Natural Immunity!)

      As a senior writer, researcher, and scientist with a graduate degree who spent over a decade as a respected practicing scientific professional, I researched and wrote about the virus before most people even knew it existed. Most importantly, I care deeply about our children and the world we will pass on to them. It is past time people start listening to those like me who have accepted persecution, censorship, and even loss of livelihoods to tell the truth. I have had to endure multiple threats to murder my family and destroy my business over the last two years. Yet, I continue to speak; I hope you will listen.

      Billionaire technology investor and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel is stepping down from the board of Meta, the parent company of Facebook. He reportedly predicted that we may have just 2 years to prevent communism from taking over our nation. But, of course, “that can’t happen here,” right? It already is.

      Ask yourself, if you could have done anything to prevent the Holocaust, the Stalinist purges, or the Cambodian Killing Fields…would you have done whatever it might take?

      You have that choice now, right here in your own community. You can stay silent, or you can add your voice to the cry growing to a crescendo around the world: “Freedom!”

Postscript: Watch as liberal talk show host, Bill Maher reveals the Truth we have known for two years: Bill Maher Reveals Child Abuse in Schools


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