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Fresh & New Breakfast Menu

Now serving a (better) breakfast menu! We still have our delightful egg sandwiches, but we’ve added some serious upgrades to your choices. We pride ourselves on using high quality ingredients, and everything is made fresh. If we serve it at home, it passes the bar to serve it here. We welcome you to our little cafe, more in hopes that you feel like family instead of just another customer in the door.

Try a traditional, New York style bagel–legitimately boiled!–served up egg sandwich style or with cream cheese. Baked fresh in house.

We’ve also added some delicious cinnamon buns to the pastry case! Full of dark brown sugar and Saigon Cinnamon, twisted lovingly, baked fresh daily, and of course, topped with a delectable vanilla bean glaze.

We are also serving acai bowls, protein shakes (vegan option available), apple pecan or cherry chia oatmeal, and our house-made granola that is just lightly sweetened and perfect to eat like a cereal with your favorite milk. Grab a chia pudding, a hard-boiled egg, or a yogurt parfait on your way out for a quick bit of nourishment.

On weekends, we also serve up whole grain waffles with real maple syrup and fresh sliced strawberries.

Welcome in and sip a spell with us.

With our warmest regards,
Viva Staff

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  • Mirna Barnes

    Reply February 7, 20222:08 pm

    Everything here is wonderful! I am now on a doctor prescribed grain free no nuts no seeds no chocolate diet ! For valentines dessert date night will you please put a crème brûlée aside for me. Jim and I will be coming in that evening and looks like that’s the only thing I can have.

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