Dinesh D’Souza

Dinesh D’Souza is coming to Viva Coffee House on August 7 for a very special Viva FreedomTalk! Choose from one of three options:

  1. Mr. D’Souza will give the main presentation, Q&A, and book signing from 6:00-9:00 pm at a larger venue, TBD. Tickets: $30. 
  2. We will have a “Coffee With Dinesh” pre-event at Viva, starting at 4:00 pm. A small group will be able to share a cup and visit in person with Dinesh at Viva Coffee House. Tickets: $125 (includes main pres.).
  3. Watch the Livestream from your device. $15.

We have a limited number of corporate sponsorships available, with the opportunity to co-brand the event. We hope you can join us for this very special event!

Michael Jones

Can we trust that the New Testament is a reliable document? Or is it based upon dated copies and filled with errors?

Join Inspiring Philosophy host and apologist, Michael Jones, as he addresses these questions and presents evidence for the reliability of the New Testament.

Michael will be at Viva Coffee House on June 19 from 6-8 pm to give a presentation, followed by live Q&A. Tickets are $20 and help support the Viva FreedomTalk project.

Purchase tickets at Viva, or online, below.

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