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March FreedomTalk Issue

Welcome to the March, 2022 issue of FreedomTalk!

In this issue,

  • Discover the Key to Freedom—one essential concept that crucial to our liberty.
  • Understand what makes a REAL Patriot.
  • Kelly discusses why separating our states by ideology is a very bad idea…
  • …and Dinesh D’Souza discusses how dividing the United States is exactly what China has been working to accomplish!
  • You’ll discover how to identify which rights are protected by the 9th Amendment.
  • Learn the connection between Nazi passports and covid passports.
  • Follow the course of our fight against Pandemic misinformation and abuses from the beginning till now.

This issue features articles by Dinesh D’Souza, Riiver Nihil from the Tatum Report, and more!
* * *
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