Viva Coffee News

UPDATE: Recent events have been hard on us so we haven’t gotten to keep up on Viva Coffee News how we’d like. Don’t worry, we’re gonna get back to it soon! If you’d like to help, we’d love to hear from you. Shoot us a message!

Each month, Viva publishes Viva Coffee News, a free variety publication sharing community happenings, tips for local business and–of course–the specialty coffee craft.

Viva Coffee News is available in our shop, around town and online! We support local business by offering ads starting at just $50 per issue. It’s an engaging piece people love to sip and read, giving your business big exposure for an itty-bitty price.


June 2019 Viva Coffee News

May 2019 Viva Coffee News

April 2019 Viva Coffee News

March 2019 Viva Coffee News

February 2019 Viva Coffee News

January 2019 Viva Coffee News

Print copies available at Viva Coffee House and other locations around Rita Ranch & Vail.

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