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Why We Walked Away From 2 Million Dollars

I haven’t shared what you are about to read, till now. The attached images contain redacted emails you should finally see. A breaking news story reminds me of a similar decision we made in 2020: 

It just hit the news that a Levi’s executive slated to be the next CEO resigned and refused a settlement that would require she stay silent. According to a February 18 Parler article, “Jennifer Sey did not accept a $1 million severance that included a non-disclosure clause, saying, “The money would be very nice. But I just can’t do it. Sorry, Levi’s. I get to keep my voice.

In 2020, our family, owners of Viva Coffee House in Tucson, Arizona, passed up a chance at $2M or more to keep our voice…and share yours.

It’s time you understand why.

Please read through the attached and share this story…because it is your story too.

We have not yet gotten justice for the corrupt, illegal, unconstitutional things Pima County did to our business and family, but we would make the same decision again for the opportunity to serve our country and help the oppressed in our community. Just after the email excerpts you are about to read, we fired our lawyer rather than take “hush money,” and we’ve been looking since for a lawyer who will fight on the basis of Constitutional rights.

In the meantime, I’m hiring a fellow writer to summarize a 70-page Notice of Complaint document and supporting documentation so that we can finally expose the corruption rife in Pima County. There are 18 people in high positions named, and 14 Complaints documenting violation of our constitutional rights, as well as violations of state and federal law.

We will publish that exposé very soon. Project Veritas is also investigating. 

We will keep you posted. In the meantime, we continue the fight. Our Freedom and yours, our children’s future—protecting these is worth whatever sacrifice it takes.

-Kelly John Walker

Viva Coffee House Co-owner 

P.S. Here is another short video that includes comments from the other three owners of our family coffee shop’


  • King Tracey

    Reply February 19, 202212:12 am

    I hope you get 3x that from the board of supervisors bonds for what they did. An applaud you for not taking the easy road.

  • threequeensmom

    Reply February 19, 20221:35 am

    Wow. They have NO IDEA what they’re up against with you! Godspeed!

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